Dermatology for Cat and Dog Allergies in Boynton Beach, FL

Allergies are a common condition for pets in Boynton Beach. Our warm Florida weather makes allergies a year-long affair with pollens from grasses, trees, and flowers a constant presence. For pets, allergies primarily mean itchy, irritated skin at which they scratch, causing skin damage and hair loss. At Colonial Animal Hospital and Colonial Gateway Veterinary Center, we are highly experienced in managing cat and dog allergies and skin conditions because of our history in this area and commitment to our pet community. Our pet dermatology services help to relieve the itch and manage allergy outbreaks.

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What Causes Cat And Dog Allergies?

Pets can be allergic to many of the same things we are. The most common allergens are environmental, but pets can also be allergic to materials, chemicals, and food ingredients. Allergens may include:

  • Pollens (from flowers, trees, and grasses)
  • Mold spores
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Fleas (flea allergy dermatitis)
  • Animal dander
  • Medicines
  • Materials (plastic, rubber, certain fabrics, etc.)
  • Chemicals (cleaning products, detergents, etc.)
  • Food ingredients (eggs, beef, poultry, pork, etc.)

Signs Your Pet May Have an Allergy

  • Excessive scratching, licking, and grooming
  • Red, irritated skin
  • Rashes
  • Chewing their paws
  • Hair loss
  • Watery eyes
  • Sneezing
Dermatology for Cat and Dog Allergies in Boynton Beach, FL
Dermatology for Cat and Dog Allergies in Boynton Beach, FL

Diagnosing and Treating Cat and Dog Allergies

If you suspect your pet may have an allergy, we’ll perform diagnostic tests to confirm our suspicions. Bloodwork, skin scrapings, and checks for external parasites will all help us determine the true cause of your pet’s skin condition. Once we are sure your pet suffers from allergies, your veterinarian will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to mitigate the itch and treat any secondary infections that may have developed from all the itching. Treatments include:

  • Cytopoint – an injectable for dogs that stops the itch for 4-8 weeks at a time
  • Apoquel – a tablet for dogs that stops the itch
  • Atopica – a tablet for dogs and oral solution for cats that prevents itching
  • Antihistamines
  • Antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections
  • Antifungals to treat secondary fungal infections
  • Medicated shampoos
  • Topical creams
  • An elimination diet for pets with suspected food allergies
Dermatology for Cat and Dog Allergies in Boynton Beach, FL

Keep in mind that since every pet is unique, there is no tried and true solution to successfully manage their allergies. Therefore, it may take a few attempts to find the right one or combination of medicines. Your veterinary team will be with you to answer any and all questions throughout the process!