Hurricane Pet Safety in Boynton Beach, FL

Living so close to the ocean means we all have a hurricane plan in the back of our minds. While we may be able to improvise when it comes to ourselves, our pets need a little more preparation. Depending on the situation, your pet may need to be boarded, taken with you in an evacuation, or remain calm enough to weather out the storm with you. In order to handle a situation with the utmost calm and efficiency, it’s always best to have a plan in place.

Tips for Prepping Your Pet

Storms are often stressful for pets, and they look to you for calming reassurance. In the event of a hurricane, it’s important to handle your pet with gentleness and compassion. Use a soft tone of voice, and controlled movement so as not to agitate them further. Staying calm is not only great for them but helps you keep a clearer head, too!

Well before the storm, make sure your pet is familiar with your shelter, crawl space, or wherever it is you’ll go to weather out the storm. Small, confined spaces can cause anxiety in dogs and cats, so it’s a good idea to get them familiar with this space.

Make sure your pet has proper identification. A collar is important, but a microchip is even better. In the event they make a run for it and get lost, a microchip is your surest way of being reunited.

Prepare a pet emergency kit long before hurricane season. Make sure it’s easy enough to grab in the event of an evacuation or to keep with you in your shelter.

hurricane pet safety

Here’s what it should include:

  • Put your pet’s vaccination and medical records in a waterproof slip or bag. This is essential to have because if you need to take your pet to a boarding facility during an evacuation, they will require vaccination and medical records to ensure your pet is healthy before they take them in.
  • Include enough food and water, for up to a week if possible.
  • Don’t forget your pet’s medication! Keep it in its original container, complete with instructions for administration.
  • Make sure you also have a collar, muzzle, leash, or small carrier for your cat.
  • Include a few newspaper or puppy pads, for your dog and a portable litter box for your cat.
  • And finally, include some paper towel and plastic bags to clean up any messes

Hurricanes can be dangerous for us and for our pets! Never leave your pet alone in your house while you evacuate. If you can’t take them with you to your evacuation destination, find a safe boarding facility along the evacuation route at which to drop them off.

If you have any questions or concerns about hurricane pet safety, please give us a call or ask at your next visit! We’re always happy to help!